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Florida is one of the largest citrus producing regions in the world.  The subtropical climate and rich soil combine to create citrus that is sweet, thin-skinned and loaded with juice.  Florida Farm Bureau, Dundee Citrus Growers Association and our member growers work hard to make sure the fruit you receive meets some of the highest standards for quality, flavor and freshness.
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Please place your order with us two weeks prior to your requested delivery date.  If your order consists of a full truckload (900 4/5 carton equivalent), it will be delivered on the date that you request.  Smaller orders are grouped to ride together and we ask for a day or two flexibility in delivery.  However, we will do our best to get your order to you when you want it.  We will stay in touch with you throughout the process.
Note: Size range indicates the variable sizes shipped.  In citrus, the size is also the count in a 4/5 bushel carton.  For example, a 4/5 bushel of 64 size navel oranges contains 64 oranges.  A 2/5 bushel would contain half that amount, or 32 oranges.
  •  All varieties are US #1 Quality grade citrus that is carefully inspected by USDA and our own  Quality Control Inspectors.
  •  FREE Color Order Forms of all Citrus products available
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