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If you have not received a confirmation from us within 24 hours of placing your order, please call 800-654-0941 to confirm your order.

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Minimum order 100 of fruit - $150 Delivery charge is added on orders less than 200 cartons of fruit to defray shipping costs.

200 or more cartons of fruit - FREE DELIVERY
Mandarin Clementines 1/2 (Lg) Bushel : 
Mandarin Clementines 1/5 (Sm) Bushel : 
Navel Oranges 4/5 (Lg) Bushel : 
Navel Oranges 2/5 (Sm) Bushel : 
Red Grapefruit 4/5 (Lg) Bushel : 
Red Grapefruit 2/5 (Sm) Bushel : 
Juice Oranges (Hamlin) 2/5 (Sm) Bushel : 
Juice Oranges (Hamlin) 4/5 (Lg) Bushel : 
Red Delicious Apples - Half bushel : 
Red Delicious Apples - Full bushel : 
Golden Delicious Apples - Half bushel : 
Golden Delicious Apples - Full bushel : 
Grand Slam Gift Box : 
Holiday Gift Box : 
Premium Gift Box : 
Mixed Citrus Box : 
Apple & Pear Combo : 
8 Del Monte Premium Pinapples: 
Pear Box : 
Half Bushel Mesh Bags (100/bundle) : 
Quarter Bushel Mesh Bags (100/bundle) : 
(Shipped only with citrus orders)
(Shipped only with citrus orders)


Method of Payment : 
  We will invoice established accounts.
If paying by credit card, we will contact you for information.
I (We) are authorized to conduct a fundraising program on behalf of the above listed organization.
The organization Accepts full responsibility of payment for all products and material ordered and received from Florida Farm Bureau.
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